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New Holland Brewing – White Hatter

~If you want to read real beer snob reviews, check out Beer Advocate. Those people are super serious about their beers and you can learn a WHOLE lot from them. ~

~Disclaimer number two: I don’t like ALL beers. That doesn’t mean that a beer I dont care for isn’t a good beer. Here is the deal. We all have different palates. Some palates take time to develop as well. 4 years ago you couldn’t pay me to drink a stout. Now I LOVE them. I’m going to talk about beers that I like, that rate like crap on Beer Advocate. I’m going to say I don’t care for some beers, that are probably ranked really high.  This is my blog. It’s here to hopefully entertain. Maybe educate. And simply my goal is for you to go out and TRY new beers. Simple. as. that. ~~

I picked up a 6 of the New Holland White Hatter for two reasons. One, its touted as a Belgian Pale Ale and Belgians are one of my favorite styles of beers. Two, I loved the label. I don’t know the history of the Hatter Series (yes, i looked. i havent found anything yet). But here is a link to  the Hatter Beers as a series: http://newhollandbrew.com/hatter-day-hatters
LOVE the labels.

Anyway, Pale Ales and Imperial Pale Ales (IPA’s) are my lest favorite beer styles. I was kind of hoping for more Belgian, less PA. That being said, it IS nicely done. It’s a pretty dark yellow, light orange color. With an aggressive pour, only produced a small head but even 20 minutes later there was nice carbonation going on and really nice lacing on the glass. (go ahead. say it . . .)

Its got a nice citrusy, hoppy, floral smell to it. I tend to like the way PA and IPA’s smell more than how they taste.  It tastes like a nicley done, mild Pale Ale. A little hoppy, a little citrusy, with a bit of bitter bite on the back end. New Holland makes great beers and I can safely say if you like Pale Ales, you should give this one a try. But I probably wont pick up another of the White Hatter for myself. Image