Andrew gets to be my first reader. Because Andrew was the second person to know about this blog.

Andrew likes IPA’s and has keys to lots of houses. Andrew travels for a living driving a very yellow van. Which is actually the color of a lot of IPA’s so it kind of fits. Rogue Brewing has a beer called Yellow Snow, which is an IPA. So look. there you go. a tie in.

Andrew also ate yellow cheese at the bar but I licked every single chip before he dipped,  so its like we know each other better than if I had only poured him beers and brought him fried beans.

Andrew is still at the bar but I am home posting my first post and he may or may not read this. But at least I have my first post. So there you go.

I’m drinking a vintage KBS from Founders and it is amazing and better than any double IPA Andrew drank tonight. How do I know this? Because I’m an asshole about beer, thats how.

Hey Andrew. Nice meeting you. I hope you enjoyed your night at Trion and made it home safely. And I hope you found this.

Most very sincerely,

Heather. Beer Asshole.



4 thoughts on “Andrew.

  1. Hi Asshole,
    I am not as good at writing as you but your post is very impressive (based on my shitty experience in blogging). However, (based on my shitty experience in blogging), you may be the best blogger in the history of blogging.
    Your fellow asshole (of the IPA variety),

    1. Despite your blatant disregard of the most commonly used english word, the, (and you, and well the rest of them), I thank you for taking the time to review my new little blog. Thank you for checking it out!

      1. I am at a Belgium beer bar in Greenville, SC called the Trapped Door.
        U would die twice. Yep.

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